Supervised Practicum (TESL 42.0)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
TESL 42 X02 January 2017
TESL 42 X01 September 2016 Karlie Butler (primary instructor)
TESL 42 01 July 2016
TESL 42 X01 July 2016 Karlie Butler (primary instructor)
TESL 42 X01 May 2016 Karlie Butler (primary instructor)
TESL 42 X02 January 2016 Liliana Dominguez (primary instructor)


This course is designed to provide teacher trainees with the opportunity to apply theory and practice in the field of English as a second language. During the practicum, trainees will observe experienced teachers and discuss classroom applications and needs of various types of students. Students will plan lessons, teach in an observed situation, and receive feedback and guidance on their teaching. It is the student?s responsibility to find access to ESL or EFL classrooms to complete this course.


TESL 21 and (TESL 31 or TESL 34) and one other TESL course; OR, TEFL 11 and TEFL 12 and one other TESL course.

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