Professional Internship Field Experience (EXPR 422.15)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EXPR 422 01 September 2016
EXPR 422 87 September 2016
EXPR 422 88 September 2016
EXPR 422 89 September 2016
EXPR 422 E30 September 2016
EXPR 422 E34 September 2016
EXPR 422 E53 September 2016 Pamela Peterson (primary instructor)
EXPR 422 E57 September 2016 Pamela Peterson (primary instructor)
EXPR 422 E59 September 2016 Marnie Ross (primary instructor)
EXPR 422 G81 September 2016
EXPR 422 G85 September 2016 Corey Teeter , Liza Brown (primary instructor)
EXPR 422 89 May 2016
EXPR 422 E58 May 2016
EXPR 422 01 January 2016
EXPR 422 02 January 2016
EXPR 422 86 January 2016
EXPR 422 G81 January 2016


The extended practicum is a period of intensive field study experience where interns are expected to develop and demonstrate program outcomes in the categories of professional, knowledge, instructional and curricular competency. Interns will work with one or more co-operating teachers and will function as professionals-in-training, engaging with students and their families, and working alongside colleagues on a regular and in-depth basis, team-teaching, planning units, lessons and other school-based programs, and progressing toward a full teaching load within their school context. Assessment for internship will address Ministry of Education teacher competency goals within the framework of the Professional Growth Portfolio (PGP).


EDUC 471 and 421

Permission of the department is required.


EDUC 321 or EDST 321; EDUC 322 or EDST 322; and 24 credit units of Education course work (including the completion of credits for two teaching areas).


Students may receive credit for only one of EXPR 422.15 or EDUC 422.15 or EDUC 471.3 plus EDUC 421.12.

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