Practice of Ed Measurement (EPSE 844.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EPSE 844 W01 January 2019 Laurie-Ann Hellsten-Bzovey
EPSE 844 01 January 2018 Laurie-Ann Hellsten-Bzovey
EPSE 844 W01 September 2017
EPSE 844 01 January 2016


A detailed examination of test theory within an instrument development context. Both classical test and item response theories are examined from the perspective of designing various measuring instruments. Educational and psychological test, questionnaires, interview schedules, and program evaluation instruments are among the information gathering devices which may be considered depending upon the professional interests and needs of the students. A practical skill development component is built in.


EPSE 843 and admission into the Master's Program in Educational Psychology and Special Education or permission of Department Head/Graduate Chair.

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