Assessing Learning in Classroom (EPSE 448.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EPSE 448 02 January 2017 Seyed Mousavi (primary instructor)
EPSE 448 E56 January 2017
EPSE 448 E95 September 2016
EPSE 448 02 January 2016 Seyed Mousavi (primary instructor)
EPSE 448 E52 January 2016 Maureen Sloboda (primary instructor)


Provides training in the skills involved in assessing student achievement. Students will learn how to construct various measuring devices such as paper and pencil tests, performance tests, assignments, portfolios, and observation schedules. Students will also learn how to summarize, interpret and report assessment results.


EDPSY 448.


EPSE 258, 302, 337, 390, or EDUC 302 or departmental approval.

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