Metis First Nations Traditions (EFDT 421.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EFDT 421 G84 January 2018 Bente Huntley
EFDT 421 G84 January 2017 Bente Huntley


This course will examine the Metis and First Nations Traditions and World Views. Students will participate in the oral traditions, cultural ceremonies and practices, in natural settings through lived experience, engaging with Metis and First Nations Elders and knowledge keepers, learning appropriate protocols for each elder and knowledge keeper. Students will learn, through workshops and presentations, how to appropriately incorporate Metis and First Nations content into K-12 Curriculum.


A total of 15 credit units of INDG courses, including INDG 107.3, INDG 280.6, and 6 credit units of INDG electives.


Students will have attended 3 fall cultural camps (9 days), 2 spring cultural camps (4 days), and approximately 13 cultural workshops (20 hours).

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