Seminar in Curriculum Research (ECUR 990.0)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
ECUR 990 W01 January 2018 Jay Wilson
ECUR 990 W01 September 2017 Jay Wilson
ECUR 990 W01 January 2017
ECUR 990 W02 January 2017
ECUR 990 W01 September 2016
ECUR 990 W01 January 2016
ECUR 990 W02 January 2016


A required online seminar for Master's and Ph.D. graduate students in Curriculum Studies, taken by all students in their first academic year. This seminar provides students with information and guidance to help them profit from their program of studies, helps them develop a knowledge of key skills, and introduces them to a variety of campus supports.Registration in ECUR 990 seminar is required for one year only.

Resources and Supports for ECUR 990

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