Language Identity and Ideologies in ESL and EAL Education (ECUR 840.3)

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This course surveys selected topics on language, identity, and ideologies in English as a second/ additional language and other second/foreign language education (e.g., French, Mandarin Chinese, etc.) from a sociolinguistic perspective. The purpose of this course is to explore current debates in the field of second language education that address language as a social practice and to examine how these issues inform language policies and classroom practices. Topics to be covered include ways in which language constructs and is constructed by a wide variety of social relationships, how gendered/raced/classed identities are negotiated within such relationships, and how social relations of power can both constrain and enable the range of educational possibilities available to both learners and teachers.


Registration in a graduate program is required.


The course has been piloted as ECUR 898.3, "EAL Education Language, Culture, and Identity." Students with credit for this offering may not receive credit for this course.

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