Trends and Issues in Educational Administration (EADM 892.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EADM 892 04 January 2017
EADM 892 09 January 2017 Jing Xiao (primary instructor)
EADM 892 02 July 2016 Michael Cottrell (primary instructor)
EADM 892 03 July 2016 Dawn Wallin (primary instructor)
EADM 892 04 July 2016 Paul Newton , David Burgess (primary instructor)
EADM 892 06 July 2016 Marcel D'Eon (primary instructor)
EADM 892 E09 January 2016 Tracy Dollansky (primary instructor)


Selected current trends and issues in educational administration will be analyzed in detail. Literature, research and related developments in other areas will be examined. These courses will normally be taught during summer sessions by visiting professors with particular expertise.


May be taken more than once on the recommendation of the Department Head.

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