Admin and Governance Post-Sec (EADM 838.3)

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EADM 838 01 September 2017 Vicki Squires
EADM 838 01 September 2016


This course will analyze the administrative structures and governance processes of a number of post-secondary educational institutions, using overarching theories regarding organizations, leadership, and change management. Underpinning the discussion will be the role of the institution in addressing its mission and vision, while serving the needs of its diverse stakeholders and the local, national and international communities. The legal and regulatory environment of post-secondary institutions will be critically examined, including the policies and procedures, collective agreements with unions, and approval processes that influence the environment. In addition, topics such as institutional, program, and student assessment, integrated planning, Aboriginal engagement, and resource allocation in post-secondary institutions will be covered. Particular attention will be paid to priority setting and emergent post-secondary trends (such as Indigenization and internationalization, corporatization, and environmental sustainability).


Students with credit for EADM 438 may not take this course for credit.

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