History and Dev of Org Theory (EADM 811.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EADM 811 03 May 2018 Susan Bens
EADM 811 W02 January 2018 Janet Okoko
EADM 811 01 September 2017 Susan Bens
EADM 811 05 September 2017 Gordon Martell
EADM 811 W06 January 2017
EADM 811 01 September 2016
EADM 811 W03 May 2016
EADM 811 01 January 2016
EADM 811 W06 January 2016


Traces major theories through the evolution of organizational thought, and examines recent trends in the study of organizations. A variety of schools of thought are investigated and utilized as perspectives from which to view educational organizations. The content is designed to provide a basis for further in-depth study of concepts and processes in educational settings.

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