Post Secondary Educational Leadership Capstone Project (EADM 491.3)

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This course is designed to provide students with an opportunity to consolidate their understandings, and synthesize key concepts from the three broad perspectives of post-secondary educational institutions: 1) role of the students and student services, 2) administration and governance, and 3) teaching and learning. Students are expected to develop a literature review that exhibits their ability to conduct in-depth independent inquiry in examining a particular post-secondary topic of interest. This culminating or capstone project allows students to incorporate information, highlight key learnings, and connect experiences resulting from their participation in the program focused on post-secondary educational contexts. Students will critically analyze and synthesize information and existing research in order to develop a well-organized paper and a class presentation as final products of their coursework.


Students must be registered in the Certificate in Leadership in Post-Secondary Education.


EADM 437.3, EADM 438.3, and EADM 439.3.

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