Education in Society Structures Systems and Stakeholders (EADM 303.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
EADM 303 02 January 2017
EADM 303 86 January 2017
EADM 303 E52 January 2017 Yvette Arcand (primary instructor)
EADM 303 E56 January 2017 Orest Murawsky (primary instructor)
EADM 303 E58 January 2017 Christopher Scribe (primary instructor)
EADM 303 G80 January 2017
EADM 303 G85 September 2016 Jeannette Eddolls (primary instructor)
EADM 303 01 May 2016 Robert Liggett (primary instructor)
EADM 303 27 May 2016 Michael Cottrell (primary instructor)
EADM 303 02 January 2016 Robert Perry , David Burgess (primary instructor)
EADM 303 86 January 2016 Michael Cottrell (primary instructor)


This course considers the structures and contexts that shape education for learners and teachers. By examining historical, cultural, and strategic perspectives as ways of understanding current systems, institutional policies, educational philosophies, governance issues, law, institutional norms, family, and community contexts this course will support the exploration of one's own philosophies, practices of teaching, and membership in (professional) learning communities.


Students with credit for EADM 321, EADM 425 or EDUC 303 will not receive credit for this course.

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