Oral Medicine and CPRCs (DENT 548.2)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
DENT 548 01 January 2018 Unknown Unknown
DENT 548 01 September 2017 Dean Kolbinson
DENT 548 01 January 2017 Dean Kolbinson
DENT 548 01 September 2016 Dean Kolbinson
DENT 548 01 January 2016


Various oral medicine topics are covered, including the management of oral lesions, radiation therapy and chemotherapy patients, patients with salivary disorders and patients with infectious diseases. In addition, students participate in multi-disciplinary seminars to gain experience in applying previous knowledge to simulated clinical patient cases (CPRC's). Students also perform dental emergency procedures and diagnosis and treatment planning under faculty guidance in the emergency, diagnosis and oral medicine/oral pathology clinics.

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