Oral Micro Immun Physiology (DENT 314.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
DENT 314 01 January 2018 Gerald Uswak
DENT 314 01 January 2017 Alyssa Hayes
DENT 314 01 January 2016


Considers those areas of microbiology, immunology and physiology with special significance to dentistry. Major topics are oral microflora and ecology; molecular biology of microbial adherence; formation and metabolism of dental plaque; microbiology of dental caries and periodontal disease; immunology of dental caries and periodontal disease; physiology of salivary glands and saliva; classification and physiology of neuroreceptors and their integration/modulation by the central nervous system; and the physiology of pain, taste, swallowing and mastication.


Students with credit for DENT 215 will not receive credit for this course.

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