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WGST 994 01 May 2018 Unknown Unknown
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WGST 994 01 September 2017 Unknown Unknown
WGST 994 02 January 2017
WGST 994 01 September 2016
WGST 994 01 July 2016
WGST 994 01 May 2016
WGST 994 02 January 2016


The topic must propose an original study and critical discussion of a meaningful question in Women?s, Gender and Sexualities Studies. The proposed research will include a critical review of the literature and, depending on the subject matter and focus of the thesis, is likely to require some combination of the following: ? analysis of a range of possible texts, policies, practices, and/or other media (literature/s, cultural representations, popular culture, film, exhibitions, archives, etc.) ? critical analysis of a theoretical problem ? empirical research ? performance ? analysis of a social problem within communities and/or across borders. Each student will produce a substantive written thesis which critically engages historical and/or contemporary socio-cultural issues and/or knowledge production.

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