Gender Representation and Cultural Studies (WGST 810.3)

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This course will explore intersections between feminist theory, cultural studies and cultural production. In particular, the course presents culture as a dynamic arena of social struggle and possibility and aims to introduce students to some of the key thinkers and critical frameworks in the field of feminist cultural studies. The course examines how meaning is generated and mediated through various cultural practices, products, archives and phenomena and engages students in the analysis of a range of cultural texts which may include digital and social media, film and television, art, advertising, visual and popular culture, print culture and literature, performance, material culture and archives. The course is divided into four units of study including a foundational unit in cultural studies theory and three additional units each of which focuses on a unique cultural text, product, phenomena, practice or archive. Each unit will examine relationships between cultural texts/ cultural phenomena and their ideological and socio-historical contexts.


Students must be enrolled in the College of Graduate Studies and Research.

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