Feminist Research Method (WGST 312.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
WGST 312 01 September 2017 Priscilla Settee
WGST 312 02 January 2017 Priscilla Settee
WGST 312 02 January 2016


Examines various feminist methodologies and approaches to the formal construction of knowledge. A survey of the major methods of research in diverse fields is presented in the context of feminist critique and epistemology. Androcentric bias, feminist epistemology, ethics and subjectivity are central themes of the course.


WGST 112, or 6 credit units WGST and/or cognate courses, or permission of the WGST Coordinator.


Students with credit for WGST 398 Special Topics Feminism and the Construction of Knowledge may not take this course for credit. May be used as Social Science credit.

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