Geographies of Gender and Ecology (WGST 305.3)

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This course brings together feminist political ecology, geography, and post-development thought to interrogate ways of accounting for and responding to the impacts human animals are having on the environments we share with all the inhabitants of Earth's biosphere. It offers an advanced overview of the concepts, theories and implications arising from debates generated through eco-feminisms, as they intersect with the socially constructed geographies of local and global environments. How might sustainable or even post-development approaches to the flourishing of local and planetary bio-diversities, draw on intersectional gender-based ecological inquiry and feminist place-centered critiques? How might scholars and activists begin to imagine practical environmental justice? How do current models of work, consumption and the variously mediated strategies informing political ecology enable or disable gender-sensitive socio-ecological and feminist geographical research?


WGST 112.3, and 3 additional credit units in WGST.


Students with credit for WGST 398.3 Geographies of Gender and Ecology may not take this course for credit.

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