Poisons and Pollutants (TOX 200.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
TOX 200 01 September 2019 Paul Jones
TOX 200 01 September 2018
TOX 200 01 September 2017
TOX 200 01 September 2016


This unique course provides an overview of the history of toxicology told through stories and case studies covering pivotal and transformative events and discoveries through time. Topics include high profile poisonings in ancient and modern times, natural poisons, classical examples of industrial and environmental pollution, current issues, and important discoveries that led to the development of the field of toxicology and the creation of national regulatory agencies and guidelines. The use of case studies provides students with exciting and memorable examples of how poisons and pollutants have changed history and had important influences at regional, national and international scales. No previous knowledge of toxicology is required.


18 credit units of university courses

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