Spanish of Latin Americans (SPAN 251.3)

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SPAN 251 61 July 2017 Allison Smith
SPAN 251 61 May 2017 Allison Smith
SPAN 251 63 May 2017 Allison Smith
SPAN 251 62 January 2017 Allison Smith


What is the difference between the Spanish spoken in Spain and the mother tongue of more than 193 million speakers in Latin and South America? Are the distinctions merely an accent change due to geography or are there other social factors at play? The Spanish of Latin Americans provides an overview of the linguistic variation found in Latin American Spanish. Core topics include the concept of language variation, the fundamental dissimilarities between Peninsular and American Spanish (including the use of usted, voseo, seseo and yeísmo), the indigenous and African contributions and social variation within the continent.

Permission of the Department.


Completion of 18 credit units of university courses.


SPAN 114 is recommended. This course is taught in English.

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