Intermed 1 Gram Writ Literary (SPAN 214.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
SPAN 214 01 September 2018 Julio Torres-Recinos
SPAN 214 01 September 2017 Julio Torres-Recinos
SPAN 214 01 September 2016 Julio Torres-Recinos


An intensive study of Spanish grammar, with emphasis on writing skills. Short reading passages will be used to allow students to expand vocabulary and develop oral proficiency.


SPAN 215.


SPAN 117 or permission of the department.


Students with credit for SPAN 215 may not take this course for credit. Students are encouraged to take SPAN 202 and 214 concurrently. Native speakers of Spanish are allowed to take this course, but will need a prerequisite waver in order to register, which can be obtained from the Department.

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