Washington Center Topics in Sociology (SOC 379.3)

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Covers topics in Sociology, offered by the Washington Center, Washington D.C. Possible topics include The Most Dangerous Woman in the World: Global Women's Health, Pandemics and Human Rights, Peace and Social Justice, International Human Rights, Public Policies and Empowerment Strategies that Reduce Hunger and Poverty, Global Policy Issues ? The US, China and the World, Media, Ethics and the Movies, Reflections of Change: Washington and Nation 1940-2010, Citizenship in a Multicultural Society, Crime, Power and Punishment: White Collar Crime in the Halls of Congress and the Executive Branch, Science, Technology, Society: Improving Organizational and Individual Performance or other topics approved by the Department of Sociology.


60 credit units of university level study including 6 credit units senior SOC.


Registration in this course is restricted to students selected for the Washington Center Term Abroad program.

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