Studies in Addictions (SOC 347.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
SOC 347 02 January 2019 Colleen Dell
SOC 347 01 September 2018 Colleen Dell
SOC 347 C61 September 2018 Elaine Hulse
SOC 347 01 May 2018 Barbara Fornssler
SOC 347 01 September 2017 Colleen Dell
SOC 347 01 May 2017 Barbara Fornssler
SOC 347 01 September 2016 Colleen Dell
SOC 347 02 July 2016
SOC 347 96 July 2016
SOC 347 02 January 2016


An introduction to the study of addictions, with a specific focus on problematic alcohol and illicit drug use. It introduces students to basic concepts and debates in the addictions field concerning causes, consequences and interventions. Each is examined from four standpoints: the user, society/culture, service providers, and decision/policy makers. Students are invited to question how we know what we know, with an emphasis on the Canadian context. The addictions field is fraught with controversies. This course is designed to assist students with integrating their existing and acquired knowledge and applying it to current debates in a sociologically informed, public health contextualized, and understanding manner.


Has been offered as SOC 398.


6 credit units of 100-level SOC or 18 credit units at the University.

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