Sociology of Women Gender and Development (SOC 344.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
SOC 344 02 January 2018
SOC 344 02 January 2017


Examines women's place internationally but focuses on women in developing countries and critiques existing development theories, policies and practices. Themes including gender politics, productive and reproductive labour, population policies, sexuality and reproductive rights, environment and sustainable development, and health will be explored in view of globalization with an emphasis on the roles of international, transnational, and aid agencies.


12 credit units SOC plus two of any of SOC 242, SOC 260, POLS 246, POLS 261, POLS 262, ECON 221, IS 211 and IS 212, WGST 210 and/or WGST 250.

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