Global White Collar Corp Crime (SOC 310.3)

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SOC 310 W01 September 2018 Mohammed Abdulai
SOC 310 W01 September 2017 Mohammed Abdulai
SOC 310 W15 September 2017 Mohammed Abdulai
SOC 310 01 September 2016 Hongming Cheng
SOC 310 W01 September 2016 Hongming Cheng
SOC 310 W11 September 2016 Hongming Cheng
SOC 310 W21 September 2016
SOC 310 W41 September 2016 Hongming Cheng
SOC 310 W51 September 2016
SOC 310 W61 September 2016


This course examines the topic of white-collar and corporate crime in the global context. Through assigned readings, lectures, presentations, class discussion, and written assignments, this course will guide students in studying important international issues that shed light on how and why these offenses occur and how they are dealt with. We will begin with a general introduction to the field, including definitions, conceptual, and theoretical issues from the social sciences, law, and criminology regarding what has become known as white collar and corporate crime. Following this, we will discuss various forms of such crime including: unsafe products, unsafe working conditions, environmental crime, financial fraud, governmental crime, official corruption and so forth. Next, we will consider issues regarding globalization, regulation, enforcement, and sanctioning. Finally, we will examine the future of white collar and corporate criminality from both international and comparative perspectives.


SOC 212

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