Bollywd Pop Cul India Diaspora (RLST 258.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RLST 258 01 September 2017 Meera Kachroo
RLST 258 01 September 2016 Meera Kachroo


This course examines the extent to which the popular culture of India and of the Indian diaspora has been shaped by the films produced by the Bollywood film industry in Mumbai, India. Bollywood films are the most common form of entertainment for the masses in India as well as diasporic Indians in many parts of the world. Films of different genres and times will be seen, understood and critiqued for their significance. The genres include: religious; historical; 7 social; action, crime and suspense films; art ci nema; and diasporic films. Bollywood cinema will be examined as a form of entertainment, as a creator of national integration, as a moulder of popular culture, and as a form of ideological communication.


3 credit units 100-Level RLST or 18 credit units at the university level.

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