Doukhobor Culture in Canada (RLST 255.3)

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RLST 255 01 September 2017 Veronika Makarova


This course provides an overview of the history, beliefs, music, language and the way of life of a rebellious non-conformist Canadian ethnic and religious minority -- Doukhobors (Spirit Wrestlers). The course introduces the early history of the Doukhobor religion, the settlement of Doukhobors in Saskatchewan and BC, and the subsequent development of Doukhobor communities in the 20th-21st century Canada. The dynamics of conflict between Doukhobors and Canadian state are explained via the challenges of multiculturalism. The course examines Doukhobor beliefs, religious practice and the way of life; their healing techniques; crafts and arts; as well as the unique genres of Doukhobor choral music. The course provides a sociolinguistic analysis of ancestral language maintenance in the Doukhobor communities in Canada. Attention is given to the role of women in the Doukhobor communities and the descriptions of women in Doukhobor spiritual texts.


24 credit units of university-level courses


Students with credit for RLST 398.3 Doukhobors and Canadian Multiculturalism may not take this course for credit.

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