Islam in the Modern World (RLST 241.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RLST 241 01 September 2017 Fachrizal Halim
RLST 241 01 September 2016 Fachrizal Halim


The objective of the course is to acquaint student with issues that Muslim peoples face under the impact of colonization, technicalization and modernization, taking into consideration the global context of such a readjustment. This course will study Muslim societies in modern times to review their success and failure in restructuring their political, social and religious cultures in order to become integrated in the international order that is founded upon secularism and modernism. The course will evaluate the political goals of Muslim governments and whether these goals are harmonious with the developments of democratic institutions to further basic human rights. The course will attempt to answer the basic questions: What is happening to the Muslim community in the Modern age and how do Muslim intellectuals respond to the challenges posed by modernization and Westernization?


3 credit units 100-Level RLST or 18 credit units at the university level.

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