Western Religions Soc Culture (RLST 112.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
RLST 112 62 January 2018 Clayton Beish
RLST 112 01 September 2017 Fachrizal Halim
RLST 112 61 September 2017 Alisha Pomazon
RLST 112 62 January 2017 Lesya Sabada
RLST 112 C16 January 2017
RLST 112 01 September 2016 Fachrizal Halim
RLST 112 61 September 2016 Alisha Pomazon
RLST 112 97 September 2016 Lesya Sabada
RLST 112 62 January 2016
RLST 112 C60 January 2016


This class is a critical survey of the history, sources and chief characteristics of major world religions, such as Judaism and Christianity, and includes brief introductions to Islam and New Religious Movements. The history, agency and practice of these religions are considered in the wider multicultural context. We will be attentive to the investigation into the phenomenon called religion, and to the relationships between religion, culture and society.


Students with credit for RLST 110.6 may not take RLST 112 for credit.

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