Individual Research (PSY 901.0)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 901 01 May 2018 Karen Lawson
PSY 901 02 January 2018 J Wormith
PSY 901 01 September 2017 J Wormith
PSY 901 02 January 2017
PSY 901 01 September 2016
PSY 901 01 May 2016
PSY 901 02 January 2016


This course consists of completing a supervised research project in a topic area distinct from the student?s PhD dissertation research. Each student will be under the direct supervision of an individual faculty member. The student and faculty supervisor will meet weekly to discuss activities and progress. It is expected that the student will conceive of original research within the scope of the research activities being conducted within the faculty supervisor?s lab and that the student will take the lead on the specified project. It is expected that any research outputs (published manuscripts, conference presentations, etc.) will be jointly authored by the student (senior author) and the faculty supervisor (junior author).


Restricted to Ph.D. students in the Applied Social Psychology concentration.

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