Disability Discourse Soc Pract (PSY 423.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 423 01 September 2018 Michel Desjardins
PSY 423 01 September 2017 Michel Desjardins
PSY 423 01 September 2016 Michel Desjardins


The goals of this Seminar course are two-fold: first, to provide knowledge about the interconnections between disability, discourses and social practices; second to provide students with the opportunity to pursue an issue of interest to them and to share their discoveries, thoughts and questions regarding this issue with their classmates. The course invites students to examine how cultural interpretations interact with biology or psychophysiology and social interactions to produce distinctive forms of disability.

Permission of the department required.


6 credit units of 300-level Psychology.


Students who took PSY 498.3 Disability, Discourses and Social Practices may not take this course for credit. The course endorses a multidisciplinary perspective. Materials from the fields of disability studies, anthropology, psychology, history, philosophy, psychiatry, literature, law and ethics are examined to provide an interdisciplinary perspective on disability.

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