Advanced Social Psychology (PSY 325.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 325 01 September 2018 Todd Morrison
PSY 325 01 May 2018 Melanie Morrison
PSY 325 01 September 2017 Todd Morrison
PSY 325 01 May 2017 Melanie Morrison
PSY 325 01 September 2016 Melanie Morrison


Students will be introduced to the variety of research methods used in social psychology through one or more content areas determined by the instructor (e.g., prejudice, discrimination, attitude change, interpersonal conflict, impression management, aggression, media violence, prosocial behaviour, conformity, group processes, attraction, applying social psychology to the law, workplace, health problems, etc.).


PSY 321.

Permission of the department required.


12 credit units of 200-level psychology, including PSY 233, and (PSY 235 or HLST 210), and one of PSY 225 or 226.

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