Evolutionary Psychology (PSY 243.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 243 01 May 2018 Natalie Dinsdale
PSY 243 02 January 2018 Carla Krachun
PSY 243 01 May 2017 Natalie Dinsdale
PSY 243 02 September 2016 Natalie Dinsdale
PSY 243 03 July 2016
PSY 243 01 May 2016


The human mind and the behaviour that emerges as products of the mind, will be considered as the outcome of a large number of adaptations brought about by natural selection. The possibility of, and evidence for, a universal human nature at the level of evolved psychological mechanisms will be presented. The evolutionary significance of altruism, cooperation and conflict, morality, deceit, self-deception and illness will be examined.


PSY 244.


PSY 120 and PSY 121.


Students with credit for PSY 244 cannot take this course for credit.

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