Stats Methods Behavioral Sc 1 (PSY 233.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 233 01 May 2018 Ian McPhail
PSY 233 C16 January 2018 Fredrick Dean
PSY 233 C18 January 2018 Fredrick Dean
PSY 233 01 September 2017 Ian McPhail
PSY 233 01 May 2017 Gordon Sarty
PSY 233 01 September 2016 Gordon Sarty
PSY 233 01 May 2016


The role of statistics in research including: statistical concepts and models, estimation, simple tests of significance, linear regression and correlation, and introduction to analysis of variance. The laboratory component will consist of training in the utilization of statistical software.


PSY 120 or PSY 121.


Refer to Statistics Course Regulations in the Arts & Science section of the Calendar if intending to use for Arts & Science credit.

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