Psychology of Aging (PSY 216.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PSY 216 62 January 2019 Paulette Hunter
PSY 216 61 September 2018 Suzanne Hartman
PSY 216 62 January 2018 David Lane
PSY 216 61 September 2017 David Lane
PSY 216 62 January 2017 Paulette Hunter
PSY 216 61 September 2016 Jennifer Briere
PSY 216 62 January 2016


The study of normal psychological development through maturity to old age. Topics include: consideration of critical issues of research methods; problems of adjustment of the aged such as physical decline, retirement, aloneness, disengagement; the needs and care of the aged, antecedents of successful aging; the psychology of dying and death; theories of aging.


PSY 121.

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