Regional Planning (PLAN 442.3)

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PLAN 442 01 September 2017 Robert Patrick
PLAN 442 01 September 2016 Robert Patrick


Over the past century a regional approach to planning has shaped and informed the Canadian landscape as reflected in provincial programs directed at agricultural land protection, watershed conservation, and metropolitan growth strategies. This course examines the historical and present-day context for regional planning in Canada from its origins in agricultural assistance to its current manifestation in sustainable development and bioregionalism. Regional planning as a governance structure and institutional framework will be a common thread through the course. Emphasis will be placed on the interpretation and function of rural and urban landscapes from a regional perspective. Upon completion of this course students will have an appreciation for the dynamic forces shaping Canadian regions, awareness of regional governance structures, as well as an understanding of current trends in regional planning in Canada.


PLAN 341 or PLAN 342 or permission of the instructor.


Students with credit for GEOG 442 will not receive credit for this course. This course was labeled GEOG 442 until 2014.

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