Integrated Water Resource Planning (PLAN 329.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PLAN 329 W01 September 2019 D Goode
PLAN 329 W02 January 2019
PLAN 329 W01 September 2018
PLAN 329 W02 January 2018
PLAN 329 W01 September 2017
PLAN 329 W02 January 2017
PLAN 329 W10 January 2017
PLAN 329 W20 January 2017
PLAN 329 W40 January 2017
PLAN 329 W50 January 2017
PLAN 329 W01 September 2016
PLAN 329 W11 September 2016
PLAN 329 W21 September 2016
PLAN 329 W41 September 2016
PLAN 329 W02 January 2016
PLAN 329 W11 January 2016
PLAN 329 W21 January 2016
PLAN 329 W50 January 2016


The process and practice of planning for water resources in a Canadian context. A focus on water and land use policy and water governance structures including federal, provincial, First Nations and local scales of inquiry. Institutional arrangements affecting water management in Canada will be investigated. Topics will include integrated watershed management, watershed plan preparation, source water protection, alternative stormwater and wastewater management, and access to safe drinking water.


GEOG 240 or GEOG 280, or permission of the instructor.


Students with credit for GEOG 329 will not receive credit for this course. This course was labeled GEOG 329 until 2014.

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