Research Term in Physics (PHYS 497.15)

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Course allows students to get credit for spending a term as a member of a research group, or for participation in international exchange programs with a strong research component. The student is expected to engage full time in a physics research project at a research facility or a university under the supervision of a faculty member or a research scientist from the host institution. The time frame for participation in the research project should be 12-16 weeks, including special skills training where required. The student's contribution to the research project must be significant enough to justify co-authorship in a journal or conference paper on the research project. The student will be asked to provide a written outline of scientific foundations and motivations for the research six weeks after the start of the project.


75 credit units at the university level, with at least 21 credit units in Physics, Engineering Physics or Astronomy courses. Students must be at High Honours standing and have permission from the department.


) Students who wish to do an undergraduate research project in T1 and/or T2 must notify the department by February 28 of the previous academic year. Students can also receive permission to register for this course during the summer. Students should not register for this course in term 2 of their final year. Students who would like to make use of this option would normally register for this course in term 2 of their penultimate year, during the summer, or in term 1 of their final year. Students should not register in other courses at the same time. Students can normally do only one research project.

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