Research Project Physics (PHYS 493.3)

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PHYS 493 01 January 2018 Kathryn McWilliams
PHYS 493 01 September 2017 Kathryn McWilliams
PHYS 493 01 January 2017 Unknown Unknown
PHYS 493 01 September 2016 Unknown Unknown
PHYS 493 03 July 2016
PHYS 493 03 May 2016
PHYS 493 01 January 2016


The student will work on a research project in physics under the supervision of a faculty member. The project will be evaluated by a committee (including the supervisor) on the basis of two oral and two written reports.

Permission of the department required.


Students who wish to do an undergraduate research project in T1 and/or T2 must notify the department by February 28 of the previous academic year. Students can normally do only one research project.

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