Quantum Mechanics 3 (PHYS 482.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PHYS 482 02 January 2018 Amir Ghezelbash
PHYS 482 02 January 2016


Continues PHYS 481 and begins with an extensive discussion of time dependence in quantum mechanics. Exactly solvable problems such as spin-magnetic resonance are used to illustrate the time-dependent perturbation series. Applications include emission and absorption of radiation, multipole selection rules, and electron scattering from atoms and nuclei; Further topics discussed in detail are symmetry in quantum mechanics, rotation matrices and applications, many particle systems, collision theory, and variational methods including Hartree-Fock theory.


PHYS 481.


Students may receive credit for only one of PHYS 886 or PHYS 482.

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