Intro Nuclear Particle Physics (PHYS 452.3)

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PHYS 452 02 January 2019 Robert Pywell
PHYS 452 02 January 2017 Robert Pywell
PHYS 452 02 January 2016


An introduction to the physics of the nucleus and of the fundamental particles and their interactions. Topics in nuclear physics include nuclear phenomenology, radioactive decay, nuclear reactions; nuclear models: semi-empirical mass formula, shell model, collective models, the deuteron and the nucleon-nucleon interaction. Topics in particle physics include strong and electroweak interactions; global and local symmetries of the weak and strong interactions; the neutral Kaons and CP violation; Feynman diagrams; the Standard Model: quarks, gluons and colour; decay and reaction probabilities; hadron production; meson and baryon masses; charmonium; asymptotic freedom; neutrino oscillations.


PHYS 383.

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