Research in Applied Ethics (PHIL 330.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PHIL 330 02 January 2017 Peter Alward
PHIL 330 02 January 2016


In this course students will research, write, and present an advanced undergraduate-level research project in their chosen area of applied ethics (bioethics, environmental ethics, business and professional ethics, ethics in science and technology, etc.). The initial in-class focus of the course will be on research methods and the writing, critical, and analytical skills necessary to produce a project of this sort. In addition, the course will include discussion and critical appraisal of applied ethics in practice, including the role of research ethics boards, professional codes of ethics in business and the professions, and the relation(s) between applied ethics and other domains such as public policy and the law.


9 credit units in Philosophy, including at least one of PHIL 226, PHIL 231, PHIL 234, PHIL 235, PHIL 236, PHIL 237 or PHIL 238.


PHIL 330 serves as the capstone course for the Certificate of Proficiency program in Applied and Professional Ethics, but is open to all qualified students.

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