Philosophy of Sexuality (PHIL 224.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
PHIL 224 02 January 2018 Sarah Hoffman
PHIL 224 01 September 2017 Sarah Hoffman
PHIL 224 02 January 2017 Renee Penney
PHIL 224 01 September 2016 Susan Dieleman
PHIL 224 02 July 2016
PHIL 224 02 January 2016


What counts as sex? Does being in a sexual relationship with one person restrict our interactions with others? Is it ever okay to objectify someone? Should society endorse certain kinds of sexual relationship and not others? The focus is on philosophical perspectives on sex, sexuality, gender, and erotic love as we consider questions such as the nature of sex, perversion, masturbation, orientation and identity, homosexuality, objectification, pornography, prostitution, and other moral and political issues regarding sexuality.


6 credit units in philosophy or completion of 24 credit units at the university.

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