Project for Master of Music Performance Majors (MUS 992.0)

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MUS 992 01 July 2019
MUS 992 01 May 2019
MUS 992 02 January 2019
MUS 992 01 September 2018
MUS 992 01 July 2018
MUS 992 01 May 2018
MUS 992 02 January 2018
MUS 992 01 September 2017
MUS 992 02 January 2017
MUS 992 01 September 2016
MUS 992 01 July 2016
MUS 992 01 May 2016
MUS 992 02 January 2016


The major project for the MMUS degree in Performance; consists of two recitals, each approximately 60 minutes in length, accompanied by program notes. Repertoire will be chosen by the candidate and the principal advisor, and may consist of solo and/or chamber music, contingent upon student's major. A written proposal (prepared in consultation with the principal advisor) will be presented formally at a meeting of the candidate's committee. This proposal, along with program notes, must be approved by the committee. The recitals (scheduled before the end of the academic term in each year of the program) will be juried by the members of the Advisory Committee and open to the public. All Master of Music in Performance students must register in the MUS 992 according to the timelines of the Graduate Calendar. Registration for this course must be renewed until completion of the course requirements.


Admission to the Master of Music Performance program.

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