History of Music III Western Art Music Antiquity to High Renaissance (MUS 250.3)

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MUS 250 01 September 2019 Amanda Lalonde
MUS 250 01 September 2018
MUS 250 02 January 2018
MUS 250 01 September 2016


History of Western art music with an emphasis on the main composers and their representative compositions, forms, genres, and compositional techniques including Greeksystema teleion, Guidonian system, melodic/rhythmic modes; artes liberales, missa ordinarium, proprium, officium; monophony and early polyphony, rhythmic/melodic notation, organology, fauxbourdon, falsobordone, Reformation, Counter-Reformation, Anglican church music, intabulations.


MUS 151 or permission of the department.


Students who completed MUS 150 and 151 prior to the fall of 2011 will find that there is overlap of content with the new MUS 250.3 course, as this course effectively "spreads out" the information from the original MUS 150 and 151 into three courses MUS 150, 151 and 250.

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