Fundamentals of Music Theory IV (MUS 234.3)

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Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
MUS 234 02 January 2019
MUS 234 02 January 2018
MUS 234 02 January 2017
MUS 234 02 January 2016


Introduces students to many of the theoretical musical materials explored by a variety of composers in the 20th Century. This includes the study of synthetic scales (ie.: octatonic, whole tone, etc.) chromatic polymodality, set theory analysis, ordered tone rows and serialism, twelve-tone matrixes and an exploration of a variety of new ways to organize musical parameters and their contemporary notation.


MUS 214.


MUS 233 (or 213).


MUS 221.


Students with credit for MUS 214 may not take MUS 234 for credit.

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