Fundamentals of Music Theory III (MUS 233.3)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
MUS 233 01 September 2019 Gregory Marion
MUS 233 01 September 2018
MUS 233 01 September 2017
MUS 233 01 September 2016


Discusses theoretical materials pertaining to formal structure (i.e.: binary, ternary, rondo, sonata form) and will continue at a more sophisticated level, the theoretical musical concepts introduced in Fundamentals of Music Theory II (ie. : phrasing, tonic expansion, cadences, secondary dominant strings, rhythmic and melodic motifs, chord intensification, tonicization, augmented 6th chords (all), modal mixture, chromatic mediants, introduction to chromatic functional harmony and advanced voice-leading, comprehensive study of all subdominants (pre-dominants) and modulations within all key relationships).


MUS 213.


MUS 134 (or 114).


MUS 220.


Students with credit for MUS 213 may not take MUS 233 for credit.

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