History of Music II Western Art Music 1815 to the Present (MUS 151.3)

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MUS 151 02 January 2019 Amanda Lalonde
MUS 151 02 January 2018 Amanda Lalonde
MUS 151 02 January 2017 Alexander Loewen
MUS 151 02 January 2016


History of Western art music with an emphasis on the main composers and their representative compositions, forms, genres, and compositional techniques including diatonicism, chromaticism, program music, impressionism, pentatonicism, octatonicism, whole-tone scale, neo-Baroque and neo-Classicism, polytonality, atonality, dodecaphony, aggregate, row partitioning and combinatoriality, total serialism, minimalism, pointilism, chance music, electronic music.


MUS 141/MUS 240.


MUS 150.


Required for all Music programs (B.A., B.Mus., and B.Ed./B.Mus. (Mus.Ed.) degrees). Students with credit for MUS 141 or MUS 240 may not take 151 for credit.

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