In the Company of Music (MUS 125.1)

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MUS 125 02 January 2016


"In the Company of Music" explores music?s ability--heuristically--to garner restorative if not healing powers. The course concentrates upon three familiar stages of the journey from fledgling musician to practicing artist, and offers coping strategies in a vocation rife with the unexpected. Struggles and rewards are the things of life, but it is not often that such realities, as they relate to music as a vocation, are brought into focus in the context of a course, a lacuna that MUS 125 addresses head on. The course is divided into three units. Unit one, ?music as healer,? examines how deep artistic connection with the creative and the performative aspects of music contributes to self-awareness and self-confidence. Unit two, ?engagement as commodity,? treats of balancing the twinned concerns of music as art, and music as business. Unit three, ?the new norm,? grapples with the impact of technological advances that constantly outstrip an artist?s ability to keep abreast of them.


Students in the Bachelor of Music in Music Education programs cannot count this course within their program requirements.

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