Music Theatre (MUAP 206.1)

Recent/Current Offerings

Syllabus / Public content Section Term Instructor
MUAP 206 01 January 2018 Garry Gable
MUAP 206 01 September 2017 Garry Gable
MUAP 206 01 January 2017 Garry Gable
MUAP 206 01 September 2016 Garry Gable
MUAP 206 01 January 2016


This ensemble is open to all students of the University of Saskatchewan by audition. Auditions take place in the first week of September by appointment. Throughout the academic year, a wide variety of music theatre repertoire will be studied, rehearsed, and performed. Students will rehearse together on a regular basis with the intention of performing at two sets of major concerts (one set at the end of T1, one set at the end of T2). Other concerts may be scheduled throughout the academic year. All concert dates will be announced in early September, before the add/drop deadline. Students will be tested individually twice a year - once before the major T1 concert and once before the major T2 concert.


This course is considered a 'B' ensemble. This course may be repeated four times for credit.

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